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“In the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a Galilean city called Nazareth”

(Luke 1-26)

Tabar Nazareth

The city of Mary, where Jesus spent his childhood and his youth, the cradle of Christianity.

Located in Lower Galilee, surrounded by mountains that enclose between them the dearest places to the Christians.

Nazareth is a city bustling with religion, faith, spirituality, holiness and rich of history, archaeology, culture and beauty that is unsurpassed in the Middle East.

Funded over 2000 years ago as a small Jewish village, Nazareth became soon the stronghold of Christianity.

During the the Byzantine period Nazareth fame spread throughout the known world and since then it became a destination for pilgrimage - meeting the pilgrims` desire to see and discover the places where Mary and Jesus lived.


Places of interest:

- the Church of the Annunciation, situated where the house of Mary was located;

- St. Joseph's Church built on the ruins of the rural building where Joseph had his carpentry;

- The Greek Orthodox Church dating back to the Crusade period and Mary's Well, that is located in the place where the synagogue where Jesus went to pray was and that in the past was the only source of water in the village.

-the Old city and its important buildings from the Ottoman period including the Saraya, or Government Palace, and the White Mosque that houses a museum with documents on the history of Nazareth;

-the local market (souq) where on colorful stalls are available for purchase a variety of fabrics, herbs, spices, food, art objects and souvenirs.


Nazareth Tabar


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Jericho and the Dead Sea are less than 2 hours drive away. Jerusalem and Bethlehem can be reached in just over 2 hours

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